Each project is different, and ATL does not force a standard head end solution on you.

Our Visualization solution is based on the Busch Jaeger solution and is custom built for each project.

Features Basic Module

The standard head end solution enables you to view and control on a floor plan layout, each of the following items (per zone):
  • Current Lighting Status (On/Off and Dim Value)
  • Indication of Lamp or Ballast failure
  • Ability to switch or dim the lighting remotely
  • Current space temperature
  • Ability to change the temperature set-points
  • Position of windows and/or blinds
  • Occupancy Status

Features Basic Module

Emergency Test & Monitoring Module.
  • Whether a static inverter or self contained emergency solution, the head end graphic is capable of showing
  • Scheduler indicating the test dates & times, with ability for modification
  • Ability to manually start or stop a test remotely
  • Live system statuses, e.g. battery voltage, currents, etc
  • A history of all tests that have been completed in the past, along with the test results

Alarm Module

The alarm module allows you to maintain an active list of alarms that have been generated by the building management system and includes:
  • List of active alarms from any source, e.g. high/low temperature, mains failure, emergency lamp failure, etc
  • Ability to acknowledge alarms
  • Ability to view a history of all alarms
  • Email and SMS notification of alarms

History Module

The history module allows you to :
  • Keep a log of any point (e.g. temperature, occupancy, demand, etc), either on change-of-value of periodically
  • Display the history graphically over a user selectable time scale, alongside other histories.

Remote Login Module

Do you require remote access to your head end from another site? The remote Login module allows you to securely connect to the Visualization via a web-browser from anywhere with an internet connection.


  • One off, up-front cost. No per-client or per-user cost
  • Any web browser can access the web based Visualization
  • Feature based pricing structure - pay only for what you need