A Greener Solution

Green Solution

Reducing the amount of energy you use is one of the fastest, most effective ways to save your Personal or business money, and it will help you combat climate change by reducing your carbon footprint. Using energy more efficiently will also help to slow the rate of climate change on our planet, by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide, and other harmful greenhouse gases that enter the atmosphere. For any organization in business today, this should be a primary concern at all levels from the shareholders to each and every employee. This ethos should go beyond simply being seen to be green or applying what is now called the 'green wash'. Sustainability in construction has been defined as a ‘Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. To achieve this effectively we must reconsider what we have offered in the past as being an acceptable building energy control solution. With the new Part L of the Building Regulations implementing the European Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD), which introduces two new types of energy certificates for commercial buildings coming into force from 8 April 2008, intelligent building control will be a mandatory requirement and essential to achieving a high energy rating.

It Is Only a matter Of Time Such Regulation Will Eventually Be Part Of The Indian Regulations. At SMARTOMATION we offer many intelligent building control solutions focused on saving energy whilst maintaining a pleasant comfortable environment within which to work / operate. An example of this is our constant light control solution with intelligent presence detectors. This system will dim lighting against natural daylight levels, maintaining the design level of luminance at the working plane. This strategy has achieved around 60% energy savings on typical office areas and can be linked into the fan coil unit control system to enable the designed set point for comfort cooling and heating to be achieved upon sensing occupation within an area. Our business is to provide intelligent open protocol building control systems to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and to allow compliance with current regulations. We are always happy to demonstrate to our Client how our system and solutions can actually achieve these objectives and not just apply the ‘green wash’.

Two measures of building performance:

Green effect

On the left is the energy-efficiency rating, which is a measure of overall efficiency; on the right is the environmental-impact rating, which is a measure of carbon-dioxide emissions.

Buildings with an environmental-impact rating near the top of these scales have less impact on the environment.