Energy Management

SMARTOMATION’s systems and solutions are all about reducing energy consumption, not only to achieve cost savings but also to reduce carbon emissions.

From our past experience, impressive payback periods can be achieved on your investment giving the end Client a green cost effective building life-cycle.

By utilizing the KNX / DALI technologies, you can significantly reduce the energy in new and existing buildings.

This is because KNX is open standard and it crosses disciplines, a holistic approach to energy management can be taken that reduces lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation consumption whilst maintaining a comfortable environment.

For example, the following graph illustrates the savings that can be achieved by employing lighting control:

Energy Management Graph

Effective energy management is all about considering all parts that form the building's services and not just taking single elements in isolation.

At SMARTOMATION we offer integrated solutions across a wide range of M&E systems, from cutting-edge lighting control systems to fan coil unit control and external solar control systems.

We are always happy to review your building or designs to ensure that you can maximize the potential to save energy consumption as well as understanding where the energy is being used around your development.