SMARTOMATION is all about creating state of art Home and Building Control solutions at the comfort of your finger tips. We offer customized solutions for complete Automation of Homes/Buildings...

SMARTOMATION allows you to control your interior and exterior Lighting/Shutters, all your comfort systems like Air Conditioners/Heating, Hydro-pneumatic/Hot Water recirculation systems. We also offer Home/Building Security using Video Camera Surveillance Systems for complete peace of mind all the times...

Areas Of Application Are As Follows:

1. Lighting Control
2. Lighting Control Flexibility
3. Blind / Shutter Control
4. Shading/Windows/Skylights/Awning
5. Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning
7. Security Systems
8. Safety Functions
9. Remote Maintenance/Energy Management
10. Different Interdisciplinary Functions
11. Visualization
12. Operation/Display