A wide range of KNX enabled electricity meters are available.

The meters are simply joined into the mains immune KNX network at any point and can provide all readings back to a central head end or database.

Additionally ATL are able to provide ‘virtual metering’ - a calculation of the energy consumed based on the the known electrical load of each light fitting and the continuous dim value of each control group.

This type of metering is not accurate enough for billing purposes, but does allow the building owner to comply to Part L of the building regulations.

Furthermore, just about any type of meter (heat, water, etc) can be connected to the KNX system through a variety of available interface options (MBus, Modbus, Infrared, pulse counting, etc)


  • Certified meters
  • Direct connection or use of Current Transformers allows for any rating
  • Single or Three Phase meters
  • Can interface to non-KNX meters via MBus, Modbus, pulse counters or Infrared


  • The same KNX network for is used for Metering and Lighting Control, HVAC Control, etc.
  • Virtual metering allows for Part L compliance for a fraction of the cost of installing real meters