System Integration

At SMARTOMATION We take pride in our role as Master Integrators.

Our technologies do not limit us to one discipline and our people have a wealth of experience in a wide range of sectors.

We are also not just stuck to selling a limited range of products that we have made ourselves; instead we have access to over 150 major KNX manufacturers around the world with a total of over 5,000 products.

This gives us the flexibility to offer our customers a system that best fits their needs and not the other way round.

Whether it’s HVAC, Lighting, Blinds, and Windows - we have it covered.

Using KNX and IP we are able to bring all these systems together seamlessly.

And all the control and status feedback from the various systems can be included in a single headed visualization package - simplifying training and maintenance.

By utilizing open protocols (e.g. KNX, BACnet or OPC) we are even able to interface with ‘third party’ systems. For example, the HVAC plant might be installed by a specialist manufacturer - but we can easily link the KNX field control devices to the plant through a number of off-the-shelf gateways.

As Master Systems Integrators we offer the new generation of building control and automation on an open platform.