Blind / Shutter Control

Blinds are not only used to control the amount of sunlight entering a room, but can also significantly contribute to the amount of solar gain in a building, and hence affect the HVAC costs.

A wide variety of KNX products are available that can control roller blinds, venetian blinds, curtains, shutters, etc.

The blinds can not only be opened or closed, but positioned at any height, and the angle of the lamella adjusted, if available.

A KNX sun controller is able to accurately determine the sun’s brightness, position in the sky (based on the geographical coordinates, time of year and time of day) and decide on the correct height for the blinds so as to optimize natural light, reduce glare and minimize solar gain.


  • Control of a wide variety of blind/shutter/curtain motors, 24V & 240V, 2 or 3 wire systems
  • Fine adjustment of position and lamella angle Automatic positioning based on sun position and brightness
  • Local manual override
  • Reduce light pollution by automatically closing blinds after dark


  • Improve light quality and reduce glare.
  • Reduce solar gain and associated HVAC costs
  • Use single KNX network to achieve solution