Lighting Control

A recent study of CO2 emissions from commercial and public buildings by the Mayor of London concluded that around 62% of the total emissions are attributed to lighting and heating. Clearly this must be a big target area when considering the design of modern office space and other commercial / industrial buildings if we are going to achieve the target set by Government and advisory bodies such as CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers).

CO2 Emission Report

At SMARTOMATION, saving energy is our business and we have many products and solutions focused on the above target areas. Our KNX / DALI lighting control system is a prime example. This system is based around the principle of constant light control with intelligent presence detectors (multi sensors). The system will dim lighting against natural daylight levels maintaining the design level of luminance at the working plane. This strategy has achieved around 60% energy savings on typical office areas and can be linked into the fan coil unit control system to enable the designed set-point for comfort cooling and heating to be achieved upon sensing occupation within an area. By using DALI luminaries, digital dimming against daylight levels is achieved across a typical office floor plan, creating a comfortable internal environment at the same time as saving energy. It is generally considered by the lamp manufacturers that dimming a lamp by a value is proportional to the reduction in energy consumed by the lamp i.e. a 50% dim value could result in a 50% saving in energy consumption. Very often luminaries within open plan offices can be dimmed to low levels whilst still maintaining the design level of luminance and therefore achieving large energy savings during daytime hours.

SMARTOMATION'S lighting control solution is based around two key technologies, KNX and DALI. Both offer a robust and simple to install configuration that makes the electrical installation a breeze.

A vast variety of KNX lighting control solutions are available, all based on open standard, cross manufacturer technology. From simple movement detectors to sophisticated dual presence and brightness sensors, from simple push button interfaces (used with standard light switch) to state-of-the-art multifunction push buttons with light, window, blind and room temperature control in a single unit, KNX has it covered. DALI, the open protocol supported by all the major lighting manufacturers, enables digital dimming, individual luminaries control, lamp and ECG status feedback and emergency test and monitoring - all over a robust and simple wiring solution.


  • Local control based on presence, absence, time clocks or manual switches
  • Global control from switches or time clocks
  • Switch off lighting based in natural daylight levels measured locally
  • Combined movement and daylight sensor allows the required LUX level to be maintained by automatic dimming of the lighting should natural daylight be present
  • Instantaneous lamp and ballast failure detection via DALI
  • Fail Safe - in the event of a system failure, lighting defaults to 100% (although can be changed to any level)
  • Robust and very reliable


  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Real time monitoring of lighting failures
  • Single solution for standard control and Emergency Test
  • Compliance with Statutory Requirements
  • Based on open protocol standards