HVAC Control

Why install a separate building solution for lighting and HVAC? With KNX all functions in a building can be delivered using a single bus system, including HVAC.

The room temperature control unit includes its own PI control loop and can be integrated with the light switch. Each room can have individual control to its own set-point, although set-points can be adjusted globally. The mode of operation - comfort or standby - can also be adjusted locally, globally or both. KNX can control a variety of HVAC outputs including 24V or 240V valve actuators controlling wet under floor or radiators, 2 or 4 pipe fan coil controllers for chilled beams and electric heating. Control can be as simple 'on/off' depending on demand or more advance proportional or PWM control.


  • Integrated RTC and wall switches
  • Control a wide variety of outputs
  • Built in frost protection
  • Can be integrated with window sensors to shut down system if window is opened
  • KNX Fan Coil Unit Controllers available


  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Reduced costs by installing one system
  • Simple installation
  • Global set-point and operation mode adjustments
  • Based on open protocol standards - KNX